These are some of the things our families and local schools have said about us.

"I have been part of the Frankton Christian Kindy for nearly 4 years. My kids love the friendly teachers and I love the size, as it is not overwhelming for kids.We enjoy being a part of this small and happy community."
- Megan

"I loved how you were open, kind, and loving towards our whole family and am very, very grateful."
- Ann

"The children we have had from you during the last few years are noticeably well prepared for school. They are well-mannered, can follow instructions, and do their developmental best to persevere with a task. If we had to choose one skill/aptitude that we value for a child transitioning into school, it would be that they are able to sit still on the mat, expecting to learn, not just be entertained. We see this from your children. We know this happens as a result of deliberate coaching. Thank you."
- Rotokauri  School

"Frankton Christian Kindy is an awesome kindy with great staff. They have been a great help in teaching my children the early knowledge of God and the Bible. They have a great school readiness program which was really helpful in getting my daughter ready for school. We love being part of this family."
- Amanda

"Frankton Christian Kindy will always have a piece of my heart, as it's where I went to kindy many years ago. I have loved how the teachers supported me to take my time getting my son settled when he first started, as it meant he was really happy when it was time for me to say goodbye. The staff are lovely, and the cosy feel of the centre is a huge asset. Most of all, I love that the faith that we talk about with our children at home is talked about and built up at kindy too."
- Jess

"The children who have come from your centre have been well prepared for school - socially, emotionally, and academically. Keep on doing the good job that you are doing, as we love getting the children from your centre."
- Southcity Christian School

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